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Laura Usowski began her career shortly after graduating from Southern Connecticut State University. In 1996 with a BA degree in studio art specializing in painting she gained an apprenticeship at a local tattoo studio in Ct. With two year of study she left to travel across the country, eventually settling in Arizona. After a few years of tattooing and desert living Laura returned to Connecticut where she reunited with and worked alongside Christian DiMenna. After working together it became evident that a new studio experience was needed one where creative freedom was most important. Drawing on influences from desert life, her experiences as a taxidermist in a natural history museum, as well as a broad knowledge of art history and fine art techniques, Laura is able to pull from a number of sources to create one of a kind designs for her clients. Most recent opportunities have led Laura to bring her tattoo skills to Dr. Mark Melendez of Fairfield Plastic Surgery. As part of their reconstruction and return to the self she consults with and uses the art of tattooing to recreate the areola and nipple for breast cancer patients. For more of Laura's tattoos and fine art paintings follow the link to Laura's Website

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Laura Usowski